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Technical measurements

Analyzing operating modes and equipment conditions (including new one) actual performance of its work must be available. The experts from RECP Centre understand the importance of these data in terms of the implementation of measures aimed at improving resource and energy efficiency. For that reason RECP Centre provides services for the measurement of the operational parameters of equipment of the enterprises for diagnostic examination with next evaluation of its effectiveness. For this purpose the Center formed a team of well-qualified technical specialists that use topical techniques and modern equipment, which provides accuracy of measurements.


RECPC has the following equipment:

  • Infrared image converter FlukeTi 400 for measurements of the temperature of different equipment from -20 °C to +1200 °C;
  • Infrared Scanner Testo 875-i with updating rate 33 hz for obtaining thermogram with temperature diapason up to 350° C;
  • Infrared pyrometer Testo 845 for remote temperature measurement up to 950 °С;
  • Professional portable gas analyzer Testo 330 LL for measuring СО2, СО (up to 4000 ppm) and NO concentration in flue gases;
  • Equipment for evaluation of indoor and outdoor air quality (heat-loss anemometer) Testo 435-4 for CO2 analyzing (up to 10000 ppm), relative humidity and air temperature, flow rate (up to 60 m/с);
  • Register detector АТЕ-9538 with the setof thermal converter for measuring the flow rate (0,4...25,0 m/s), total air temperature (0...50 °C), relative humidity (0...95%), and illumination (0...20000 lx);
  • Electronic hygrometer Testo 606-1 for measuring humidity of non-cohesive materials (including construction materials) and wood material (measurement range 0...54 %);
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter TUF-2000 for measuring liquid motion speed in buried pipeline in the range from -32 to +32 m/s;
  • Analyzer registrar of three-phase power АСМ-3192 for measuring active, reactive and full powers (up to 9,999 MW, 9,999 MVAr, 9,999 MVA respectively), power factor, and phase angle;
  • Multimeter APPA109N for measuring resistance, potential difference (up to 1000 W), current (up to 10 А), capacity and alternating current frequency (up to 1MHz);
  • Clamp meter APPA39MR for current measurement (from 0,1 Аto 1000 А), potential difference (up to 1000 V), resistance, alternating current frequency;
  • Tachometer Testo 470 for non-contact and mechanic measurement of the rotation velocity of electric driver (measuring range from 0.1 up to 19999 r/min).

Cost of measurement is calculated individually depending on the scope of work.

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